Once upon a time, real estate agents selling their client’s home would put a sign in the yard, a listing in the MLS and wait for the sale. While that might have cut it in the past, to get a home SOLD quickly today, you need new thinking, fresh marketing and a different level of service.
That’s where I come in…

It’s a long to-do list to take a home from pre-listing to SOLD. It’s my job to make sure we check off everything on that list on the way to getting your homesold for a much as possible, as quickly as possible. Communication is key. Whether it’s providing useful feedback from showings, or updating you on the state of the market, you’ll know what’s going on. So, how do I make sure that we get your home in a position to move quickly?

First impressions can be make or break for a home. I put a ton of care in quality preparation so that we leave buyers with the best impression of your house. The 3 keys to preparation are repairs, cleanliness and staging. In our initial consultation, we will walk through your home together and make sure that we cover all 3 of these bases. Investing in repairs before you list will result in the buyer asking for fewer concessions in an offer. Making sure your home is spotless will prevent a buyer from focusing on negatives, instead of positives, when viewing your home. Properly staging a home makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the property as a future home for their family. Setting your home up for success is essential.


A perfectly prepared home still needs to be priced accurately to move quickly. If you price too high, then you run the risk of sitting on the market too long and your listing getting “stale”. Price too low and you could be leaving money on the table. It’s a little like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; you want to get your home on the market at the price that is just right. If pricing sounds complicated to you, the good news is I have a specific strategy to price your home. I use past comparable sales, current comparable listings and current market conditions to get to a recommended price that I think will move your home quickly and get you the most we can.


This is the area that sets me apart from other agents. When it comes to promotion, I not only think outside the box, I smash it all together. I capitalize on my social media marketing knowledge to make sure your home is shown to as many people as possible. Just Listed and Open House campaigns on Facebook
(where I have more followers than any other real estate agent in Yellowknife), Instagram and Twitter posts, Blog posts and video tours are just some of the ways I reach a larger audience. I also design specific feature and info sheets that are unique from any other listing to set a different mood when people look at your home. Recent studies have suggested that more than half of all home buyers find the home they end up buying on the internet, and that number is only going to grow. I can make sure that your home is front and centre.