Who doesn’t like doing a little shopping, especially checking out new homes and imagining your future in them. It’s exciting! Sometimes when reality kicks in, and you realize are about to purchase something that could take 20-25 years to pay off, it can also be a little stressful.
That’s where I come in…

I believe in making the process, from start to finish, as easy as possible. Buying a home, whether your first or your tenth, should be exciting and something that you remember as a great experience. My goal is to help you find the perfect home, get you the best price and use my knowledge and experience to help you navigate through everything in between. As your REALTOR®, I will be your go-to person for every step of the process, the one you can trust to handle the details, and the person eagerly waiting to hand you your keys on closing day!

My work gets started right away. After we sit down and discuss what it is you are looking for in a home, I get down to looking. As a Realtor, I generally have access to MLS listings a few days before they go “live”. This means I can get you in as quick as possible, and put you in the best possible situation to make a fast offer if we see “the one”. The leg work is all on me; booking appointments, going through available documents, and assessing pros and cons of a given home are just some of the tasks I take off your plate. All you need to worry about is taking the time to really get to know the home you are viewing and decide whether you see your future in it.

When we’ve finally found the perfect home, I go to work, putting pen to paper to get you that home. We’ll look at comparable sales, potential repairs/upgrades that will need to be done, market conditions, length of time, and how it matches with your budget and needs. Using that, and more, I’ll come to a suggested offer price. I provide the advice, all you need to do is make the decision. Once the offer is in, I put my negotiating skills to work, on your behalf, to make sure we get the home for you at the best price possible. Whether it’s moving fast on a new listing, offering on something that’s been out there a while, or competing against others in a multiple offer scenario, I have a different way to approach each situation that we may encounter.

Once your offer is accepted, we move into the conditional period, generally a 2 week window where we work to satisfy the conditions of your offer. I will offer you professional assistance coordinating and communicating with lenders, lawyers, home inspectors and whoever else may need to be involved to help ensure it all goes smoothly. My advice will always be readily available for you.

On closing day, we’ll do one final walkthrough together, make sure all is as it should be, and I’ll hand you the keys to your new home.