Wrapping It Up

While the search for a new home can sometimes be long, with no ending in sight, once you find that home, and get to the point of having an accepted offer, it can feel like a sprint to the finish line (AKA closing/possession day).

It's important to step back, take a breathe and prepare yourself for some of the things you need to line up before moving into your new home. To that end, today I'm going to write about some things that home buyers need to arrange, look into and take care of before getting the keys to their new home!

  1. Insurance
    One of the first things you want to get on is lining up your home insurance. What an insurance provider will need from you can sometime vary depending on the provider and the type of home you are buying, but you want to get in touch with them right away to find out what you will need. Typically in Yellowknife, you are going to need pictures of the oil tank, if the home is heating with oil, including the info plate, footings and connections. Also, if the home has any type of wood product burning fireplace (wood or pellet) you will need to provide your insurance provider the WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) certification proving that it is installed correctly. Some providers will give you up to 30 days after possession to provide these.
  2. Utilities
    The day you move into your new home will no doubt be an exciting day, but it will be less exciting if you can't turn on the lights or flush the toilet. Before closing day you need to make sure to contact the various utility companies to make sure you have a seamless transition from the previous owner. Contact the power company to let them know when you will be taking possession to ensure the lights don't get turned off. You'll want to get a hold of the city to make the necessary changes to water/sewer or anything else that may fall under their jurisdiction. Lastly, though you will be left with a full tank of fuel, you want to make sure you get set up with a fuel provider right away. You don't want to let this slip to the back of your mind, only to remember when it's -20 and you're almost out of fuel.
  3. Cable/Internet/Phone
    While you may not think of it initially as something that you should get lined up with the 2 items above, for some people, having your internet/television set-up is very key. The worry here is that sometimes the wait to have internet set-up in your home can be in excess of 3 weeks and depending on your usage, this can be an extremely long time to go without. My advice is to call well in advance and set-up your connection appointment for as close to your closing date as possible to reduce any potential disruption.
  4. Mail
    No matter how hard you try, it's highly unlikely that you will be able to change all the mailing addresses for any mail correspondence you receive. Even if you do, you can only change the ones you are aware of. The simplest solution for this is to set-up mail forwarding at the Post Office. I recommend paying for the longest time frame available, just to be sure that you are able to make all the changes that you need to make before letting anything else drift away. As for your mailbox, the old owner of the home will either leave them at the home, or return them to the Post Office. Some buyers like to have locks changed and get new keys for added security, but this does come with a small fee.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, just a few of the things that I find are initially important/required, and sometimes overlooked. You should always check with your Real Estate Agent and Lawyer for other things that may be required before the day you take possession of your home to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

As always, if you have any questions, or want to talk anything real estate, please reach out! I always love a good chat!

Thanks for reading!


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